Excerpts of Recent Leaders

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Serra Angel

Excerpts from Jerry’s talk at Serra Retreat 2013…

  • …Jerry on Values
  • …on the Ego
  • …on Amends
  • Download Jerry’s complete 6 CD Set
  • Excerpts from Bob’s talk at Serra Retreat 2012…

  • …We Bring Our Damp Log to the Campfire of AA
  • …You Can Starve to Death Eating the Menu
  • …The Disease is 3 Fold
  • Download Bob’s complete 7 CD Set
  • Excerpts from Tom who led Serra Retreat in 2011…

  • …Tom on Having Priorities
  • …Doing a 12 Step Call
  • …It’s All About Freedom
  • Download one of Tom’s complete CD Sets
  • Excerpts from Sandy’s talk at Serra Retreat 2009…

  • …Sandy on how God took care of him
  • …on Unconditional Surrender
  • Download Sandy’s complete 7 CD Set
  • Excerpts from Don who led our retreat in 2005…

  • …Excerpts Coming soon
  • Download one of Don’s complete CD Sets
  • Excerpts from our group’s founder, Clint at a retreat he gave in 1999…

  • …Clint on Lack of Power & Bottoming Out at 23
  • …on Waking Up!
  • …in the Ring with Alcohol
  • Download one of Clint’s complete CD Sets

    From The Men at the Origins of Our Group…

    Download one or all of these great recordings…

  • Golden Slippers Group Mac Cheeter, Winnepeg Canada
  • Denver Young People’s Group Don Pritts, Aurora CO
  • Denver Young People’s Group Joe Hawk, Santa Monica CA
  • Pacific Group Clint Hodges, Woodland Hills CA
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